Your Guide to Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Stuck on what to choose for an engagement ring? Why not think outside the box and pick a truly unique design! Gemstone Engagement Rings are definitely having a moment right now. Once you see how breathtaking they are, you'll know exactly why. Check out our guide for Gemstone Engagement Rings!

The Emerald

The fresh green of the gorgeous Emerald will leave everyone looking at your ring. The Emerald gemstone has a truly special touch, as it symbolises luck, peace, and longevity in a marriage. It's also the birthstone of May, so if you're a May baby and are after something unique, this is definitely worth a consideration.


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The Pink Diamond

If You Want to Wear One of the Rarest Gemstones, Then the Pink Diamond Is Ideal for You! The Pink Diamond Is a Symbol for Love, Which Makes It the Most Romantic Engagement Ring. Its Beautiful Neutral Tones Make It Suitable for All Brides and After All, Who Doesn’t Love a Bit of Pink! If You’re Choosing by Your Birthstone, This One Is for All the Ladies Born in April.

Pink Diamond 0.68 Carat Ring with Pink Diamond Halo 18K Gold.webp

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The Amethyst

The Amethyst Is Amongst the Newer Engagement Ring Ideas and Is Available in a Range of Purple Hues. If You Like This Bright Colour, You’ll Definitely Find a Shade You Love! It’s a Symbol for the Purity of Heart and Is Commonly Associated With Royalty. It’s Also the Gemstone of February!


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The Opal

An Opal Engagement Ring Is by Far the Most Unique! Each Individual Gem Has a One-0F-A-Kind Colour Combination, so You’re Guaranteed to Have an Engagement Ring Like No One Else in the World. The Opal Is Thought to Symbolise Faithfulness, Confidence and Creativity in the Marriage. The Subtle Hues of Colour in This Ring Make It a Less Bold Option. It’s the Perfect Idea, in Particular, if You’re Born in October.

Juyoyo Vintage Rose Gold Opal Engagement Rings.webp

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The Rose Gold

A Rose Gold Engagement Ring Simply Radiates With Its Beautiful Neutral Tone. This Ring Is Definitely Less Out There Than the Colourful Gemstones, but They Are a Huge Trend at the Moment! This Design Means You Can Still Focus on a Classic Diamond Without Giving up Your Goal of Colour.

14K Rose Gold Morganite Luxe Viviana Diamond Ring.png

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The Moonstone

Moonstone Is a Great Alternative if You’re After Something Colourful, but Subtle. The Moonstone Is a Symbol of the Female Energy, as It Channels Hope and Sensitivity Within a Marriage. It Features Light Hues of Blue and Purple, Which Makes It So Unique and Stunning!

Juyoyo Vintage Oval Cut Moonstone Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring.webp

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The Morganite

This Is One of the Most Admired Types of Gemstones! The Stone Is a Symbol of Divine Love and Will Bring You a Life of Compassion, Assurance, and Promise. It’s a Gorgeous Feminine Ring That Gives Us All the Wedding Feels.

14K Yellow Gold Morganite Engagement Ring.jpg

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The Ruby

The July Birthstone Is Supposedly One of the Most Valuable Depending on Its Colour and Quality. It Symbolises a Loving Lifelong Relationship and Carries a Look of Timeless Beauty. 

White Gold Pear Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring Set.jpg

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